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24 Hour Emergency Tree Removal Services

No one ever plans for a calamity.  But when one occurs and it involves a TREE, you can call All-Star Tree Specialists day or night for an immediate response to a crisis.  Our trained professionals have the skill, expertise, and equipment to safely deal with fallen or threatening trees. READ MORE

Expert Pruning

In addition to preserving and maintaining the natural beauty of the trees on your property, Expert Tree Pruning can prevent the large trees on your property from becoming a safety hazard. Knowing and implementing the correct pruning techniques and using the best equipment for the job can save a property owner time, trouble and many thousands of dollars. READ MORE

Windsail Reduction / Crown Trimming

At All-Star Tree Specialists, we are committed to enhancing and maintaining the health of the large conifers that make up our “Evergreen State.” In some cases “Windsail pruning (reduction) is recommended. Windsail reduction removes excess foliage to enable wind to move more freely through the crown of a tree. This is done by carefully removing selective branches throughout a tree’s crown and / or reducing the length of long, major branches. READ MORE

Crane Work

You can count on All-Star Tree Specialists to come prepared with all the equipment necessary to tackle the job. Our skilled crane operators have the expertise and experience it takes to get our Tree Specialists wherever they need to be to do the work they need to do. Safe, efficient tree services including Tree Trimming and tree removal. READ MORE

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding can be a very difficult job! Make it easy by letting All-Star Tree Specialists handle it for you. With "Preservation Stump Grinding" we don't waste any part of the tree. At the same time, your stumps will be completely cleared making way for further landscaping of your grounds. READ MORE